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Done-For-You Service:

6x your Deals without wasting money on agencies or ads.

Learn How We Instantly Build Your Story-Based Funnel & Get You Qualified Sales Calls On Repeat

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3 Steps To More Sales Calls:

We get your offer ready for cold traffic.

We build a system to reach out to your ideal client avatars at scale.

We optimize conversion mechanisms to pre-qualify prospects and establish your authority.


Cold Email is the most cost effective way to acquire B2B Leads.

We manually write all copy, without the use of A.I. You approve all messages so campaigns are authentic to your brand.




We helped Michael refine his offer for cold outreach. Through consultation, we defined his audience and pricing. We guided him on sharing a persuasive story, showcasing his unique value to clients.

We set up an automated email lead system for Michael. It shares his story and drives eager leads to book sales calls. We handle everything, letting Michael focus on potential clients without worrying about marketing.

We built him a 'Story Funnel' for better conversions, enhancing his LinkedIn messaging and authority. This builds his authority and gets him call bookings.

Michael’s main funnel page is his LinkedIn Profile. It leads to a calendar form.


Increase Qualified Call Bookings

If your value of an average customer is $2,000+, and you use the Old Way of working with an agency to generate leads, you end up losing money in your first few months.

With our New Way, you can usually acquire up to 6 clients in the first month, making you profitable right away.



100% Done-For-You

Compared to other options out there, we build your lead generation machine in 15 days or less, and you don't lift a finger.

Then we work with you to launch your campaigns and get your 1st call bookings.

The Machine We Build For You:

  • Email Engine Setup: We construct a targeted and effective cold email system designed to capture attention and fill your calendar with qualified leads eager to work with you.

  • Email Copy-writing: Our sales strategist Alex will draft persuasive email copy that resonates with your audience and compels them to act.

  • LinkedIn Automation Setup: We construct a targeted and effective campaign designed to grow your LinkedIn network and get you qualified call bookings.

  • LinkedIn Profile Setup: Our story team will rework your current LinkedIn profile (text and graphics), and provide instructions for you to revise your profile and integrate a calendar booking system into it.

  • Call Booking Tool Setup: We will help you integrate your booking calendar into the system, ensuring a seamless appointment scheduling experience for your leads.

Requirements To Work With Us:

*We set these up for you as part of this service, not included in our service fee.

  • LinkedIn Profile* - Free

  • Call Booking Tool* - $15 month

  • Lead Sourcing Tool* - $99 month

  • LinkedIn Automation Service* - $59 month

  • Email Engine Management Tool* - $99 month

  • Cold Email Profiles* - $50 month

Total Monthly Operational Costs: $322

(Agencies NEVER include these costs in their fees)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will be happy with our work, or we will provide up to 3 rounds of revisions.

If after those 3 rounds you are still not 100% satisfied, we will issue a full return of your investment.


What happens once you deliver my project?

Once we deliver, we can coach you for a low monthly fee, or operate your campaigns and set your calls. It's all customized to your budget and needs.

What ROI should I expect?

Let’s assume your average client is worth just $2500 and you just get 10 qualified calls over the next year. Let's also assume you close at 20%. This would give you 2 clients totaling $5000 which more than covers our price. 

And look - If you can’t get 10 qualified calls in the next year, that’s less than 2 a month, then you shouldn’t be in business. 

How much time will this require of me?

Less than 1 hour. You'll simply fill out an intake form then hop on a short call where my team will learn more about your offer and audience. Once that's done, we'll build your assets and show you how to easily update your LinkedIn profile so we can launch.

Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

Yes. If you're selling B2B, then you absolutely need to leverage this free social channel.

How do I know this will work for me?

These are the best methods to get your story in front of B2B leads. If you didn't need help, you wouldn't be on this page. So far, my team and I have a 90% success rate for our clients. If this doesn't work, then scroll up to check out our risk-free guarantee.

What if I don't get leads or sales?

We stand by our service. If the assets we build don't get you interested leads, then we'll do 3 passes of your messaging until we get it right. If it still doesn't convert, we'll issue you a full and courteous return of your investment, minus our hard costs (typically around $1500). When it comes to sales, that's entirely on your plate (though we can consult you on having a rock-solid sales process and pitch).

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